Ocala Heart Institute, at the Heart Center at Citrus Memorial Health System, thoracic surgery Florida specialists, believe that their commitment to Missions is a covenant they are meant to keep and is in line with the Ocala Heart Institute’s statement of commitment to operating on Biblical principles, recognizing God’s blessing upon the business and the need to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.

Combining the specialties of cardiovascular/thoracic surgery and anesthesia to treat the heart, lung and vascular needs of our patients with care and compassion, we act locally and globally, taking our skills and knowledge to other countries to do our part in combating third world health issues (93% of the world’s people have no access to cardiovascular care) by performing thousands of cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgical procedures/cardiac catherizations from bypass grafting and valve repair to maze procedure and aneurysm repairs.

Ocala Heart Institute, located at the Heart Center at Citrus Memorial Health System, sends Florida thoracic surgeons interested in Missions to countries as far away as Mongolia and North Korea. Drawing on the expertise of specialties: cardiovascular surgery, cardiovascular anesthesia, and invasive cardiology; we have also served in Nanjing,Yangi, Fuzhou and Pyungyang, People’s Republic of China and India, as well as Albania.

For over five years, our “Heart for the World Foundation” work in Tanzania, Africa has been especially gratifying as return visits have allowed us to see how providing indigent medical care internationally makes a difference in the lives of others and ourselves. We work with local hospital administrations to improve techniques for treatment of heart, lungs, esophagus, and blood vessels, with a key focus on rheumatic heart disease due to childhood rheumatic fever and a lack of penicillin. Implanting pacemakers and defibrillators under less than perfect conditions is not always easy in remote areas. Lack of running water was not uncommon.

Christian Heart Surgeons

Serving God by serving all people, regardless of faith or country of origin, we not only dispatch physicians, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, and nurses to far flung areas of the world, we also invite them to our facilities for not-for-profit education and training trips, to observe and learn of new advances in the field of robotic lung surgery, advancing medical care worldwide.

Inverness Vascular Surgery & Thoracic Surgery

Helping others live healthier, longer lives, both physically and spiritually by offering the very best Florida cardiovascular care, Ocala Heart Institute, located at the Heart Center at Citrus Memorial Health System is proud of its fully accredited echocardiography, vascular, and nuclear cardiology laboratories. Our board certified skilled, experienced doctors and staff also specialize in Dor procedure and decortications.

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