We have some of the best heart doctors, and heart surgery teams, in the United States. They plan and implement your heart or lung surgery, from start to finish.



Specializing in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery in Florida, Ocala Heart Institute, located at the Heart Center at Citrus Memorial Health System, Inverness, Florida, offers advanced heart care close to home. The Citrus location of Ocala Heart Institute began in 2004. We are Citrus County’s only Level II adult cardiovascular service providers and offer a complete $17 million heart center that provides care from open heart surgery to cardiopulmonary rehab. Employing the latest technology, we are committed to providing outstanding care to all patients by fully addressing their needs.

On call 24 hours a day, our team follows an innovative team approach that provides complete care from initial evaluation through post-operative monitoring, combining skill and emerging technology with experienced, Board certified physicians and medical support staff. We consider lifestyle, risk factors and medical history and put together a comprehensive health care plan based on individual need.

We offer compassionate, individualized non-invasive interventional & neurointerventional radiology and cardiac testing. Our cardiac catheterization lab features two state-of-the-art catheterization suites and a wide variety of heart and vascular services and procedures.

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Working Together!

Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute is an association of cardiovascular, thoracic and vascular surgeons; and cardiovascular anesthesiologists; working together to provide quality care for cardiac, thoracic and vascular patients through the most minimally invasive surgery possible.

More than Hearts!

A collaboration of more than twenty years ensures you will be in exceptionally qualified hands, which has earned Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute recognition as a “Top 100 Hospitals for Heart Care” by Thomson Reuters several years in a row. Ocala Heart Institute’s expert care is not limited to the heart, and includes lung, esophageal, vascular and pacemaker surgeries.

Our Locations

Since 1988, our affiliation with Munroe Regional Medical Center has expanded, and we now have affiliations with many hospitals in Florida. To better serve your needs, Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute has locations throughout Florida; Ocala, Leesburg, Stuart and Inverness in Citrus County.

Citrus Heart Surgeons

Cardiac, vascular & thoracic surgeons and Florida cardiovascular anesthesiologists at Citrus Ocala Heart Institute provide vascular and thoracic surgery.
Our team of cardiac, cardiothoracic and vascular specialists is comprised of some of the top-ranked professionals in the country and all rooms are equipped with the latest available equipment to ensure top quality heart health care. Our cardiovascular progressive care unit and cardiopulmonary rehab center care for and monitor post-procedure patients, as well as educating and advising on recommended heart-healthy lifestyle changes. 

Heart & Lung Surgeries

From aortic heart valve replacements and heart stents to heart bypass surgery and pacemaker insertions, our heart and lung doctors, and their teams, will be by your side the entire time. During hospitalization, you are visited frequently by your cardiac team who are involved in the planning and implementation of your heart or lung surgery, from start to finish. We have some of the best heart doctors, and heart surgery teams, in the United States who are on call for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Ocala Heart Institute Testimonies

Now it has been over nine years since February 11, 2003 when you performed 5 heart by-passes for my mother. These years have amounted to a much-appreciated gift to her, and to Dad, who she took care of until he passed away in September, 2007. (Mom) still remembers, with pleasure, your kindly care.
Bill Ocala Heart Patient's Son
It has been four months since my surgery and I feel great. I want to take this opportunity to Thank You and your team for the excellent treatment I received at Munroe Regional. I also wish to thank you for the prayers that you shared with me and my wife before and after my surgery. As you are aware I had successful surgery eighteen years ago in another city, but subsequent treatments were not serving me well. I am thankful that my Doctors recommended you to evaluate me and ultimately perform my surgery. It goes without saying that my wife and family are very grateful for your expertise and experience. Your leadership and commitment as a surgeon is highly commendable. Again, Thank You!
Mr. Lopez Ocala Heart Patient
Thanks to all of you for giving of your time, expertise and kindness in helping us understand Rita’s illness and in making decisions for her health care. You all have been there for us and have been a source of wisdom for us. Your gentleness and quiet confidence has been much appreciated and will always be remembered. May God bless you in your work.
The Geisel Family Ocala Heart Patient's Family